Several Types of Hyperlinks

 Four Types of Links Essay

FrontPage 2003 Lesson 13 -- Hyperlinks

Types of Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks would be the primary method used to navigate between pages and Web sites. Links may point to additional web pages, web sites, graphics, documents, sounds, email-based addresses, and also other locations on the same web page. When text is employed as a web page link, it is usually underlined and shows up as a distinct color. You will discover four types of backlinks to your site. • • • • Text web page – Runs on the word or perhaps phrase to adopt visitors to one more page, record or record. Image link – Uses an image for taking visitors to an additional page, data file or doc. Bookmark web page – Uses text or an image to consider visitors to another part of a web page. Email-based hyperlink – Allows surfers to send an e-mail meaning to the viewed e-mail addresses. When adding a text message or graphic hyperlink that moves out of your site, own it open within a new windows. This allows surfers to easily return to your site and not having to use the back button on their browser. Text or picture hyperlinks could also be used to move between pages within a site.

Text Hyperlinks

1 . Open the Practice website. 2 . Open up the favorite. htm file. several. Select the text message to be used as the hyperlink for the first favourite web site. four. Click the Place Hyperlink icon on the Standard toolbar. The Edit Link

dialog box displays. Observe Figure one particular on page installment payments on your 5. Review the Text to show field. Generate any necessary changes to the written text displaying because the hyperlink.

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Webpage 1

Lesson 13 -- Hyperlinks

Determine 1 . Modify Hyperlink

6th. Type the URL or perhaps address intended for the web site inside the Address field. Note: The URL or perhaps address could be copied on the internet site's home page and pasted into the talk about field. Use Ctrl+V to paste. 7. Click the Concentrate on Frame button. The Target Framework dialog field displays. Find Figure two on page several. 8. Highlight New windows in the common targets list. This parameter is set in order that a new windows opens if the hyperlink is definitely clicked. 9. Click OK. 10. Just click OK to close the Change hyperlinks dialog box. 11. Save the page. 12. Preview the page. 13. Test the hyperlink to be sure it works correctly.

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Site 2

Lesson 13 -- Hyperlinks

Physique 2 . New Window

Try it out!

1 . Change the remaining textual content hyperlinks around the favorite. htm page. installment payments on your Try a backup and substance to add the URL or perhaps address for starters of the backlinks to your site. 3. Be sure to set the point parameter thus a new windowpane opens if the link can be used. 4. Preserve the web page. 5. Preview the site. 6. Evaluation the back links. 7. Close the favorite. htm page.

By yourself

1 . Make a new webpage with the title Academics. 2 . Save that as teachers. htm. a few. Add a stand with 25 rows and 2 content. Center the table around the page. Change it to display upon 90% of the page. Switch off the desk borders. 5. Insert a books clip art graphic in the first cell in the first line. Resize the image as necessary. Center that within the cell.

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Page three or more

Lesson 13 - Links

5. Add the following text message description for the books image: Go to the Webpage. 6. Give a centered Heading 1 design title known as Academics inside the second cell of the initial row. 7. Save the file. Rename the video art photo to catalogs. Leave the. jpg or. gif data file extension.

Graphic Hyperlinks

1 ) Select the catalogs image. installment payments on your Click the Place Hyperlink icon on the Regular toolbar.

three or more. In the Connect to section, just click Existing File or Webpage. 4. Demand default. htm or index. htm data file in the Practice web site, and highlight that. 5. Simply click OK. six. Save the page. six. Preview that in the internet browser. 8. Mouse button over the books image. on the lookout for. Click the books image to check the hyperlink. Be aware: Image links can be used to link to external web sites also.

Bookmark Hyperlinks

Book mark hyperlinks are more comfortable with navigate within a web page. These are useful if the page is definitely long or has diverse sections. As one example, use a bookmark hyperlink to let visitors to visit the top of your page. Fortunately they are used for pictographic lists.

Creating a Bookmark

15. Select the Academics...



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