Rosewood Lodge Cltv Analysis

 Rosewood Lodge Cltv Analysis Essay


Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

1 . What are the good qualities and cons of going from individual brands to a corporate company? Read thoroughly the case and make a list with the pros and cons of maintaining the Individual Branding strategy or changing to a Business Branding technique. Use the next table in summary your studies.

| |Individual Branding |Corporate Branding | |Pros |No additional marketing expense |Widens customer's list to Super Luxury resorts | | |Things continue to be as they are. Regular market |Increase revenue by new customers | | |Less burden/less risk financially and on all workers (stress) |Able to remain competitive in luxurious market | | |No loss of personality |Better investment | | |Felexibility to offer customers what they want, instead of what |Less responsibility | | |Rosewood manufacturer determines |Ability to offer cross hotel plans | | | |Awareness of higher brand | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Cons |Loss of Revenue from additional buyers. |Additional Expenditure and Risk | | |Competitors get upper hand out there |Additional teaching needed for personnel | | |Less range in facilities |May shed customers not used to the brand and possibly reluctant to try a| | |Loss of do it again customers |luxury brand | | |Less service options for guests | | | |No nationwide/worldwide acknowledgement |

. What would you recommend to Rosewood Accommodations & Resorts?

I believe that the corporate and business office will need to move forward together with the branding approach, however , there are a lot of aspects, over and above the economic reward, that could need to be further analyzed prior to proceeding while using rebranding.

It is also essential to note and determine what would the benefits of the rebranding from the company. It can be obvious the financial gain is definitely the ultimate reward; however , exactly what are the different advantages of rebranding? Rebranding will allow the motel to take on other luxurious, better set up,...



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