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I are a 19 year old China girl, I had been born in beautiful historic city of Jiang Su, which is locked in East of China and near The East China Sea. Luckily, my home can be near the ocean and i can savor the sea watch every day! The quiet sea make me relax. There are 5 members inside my family, which can be parents, and me. 2 weeks . big friends and family, but the cozy and wonderful one. I've been living in Toronto for two years. During the two years in Toronto, I use most of my own time about study. however , at the same time I used to be enjoyed an excellent summer travel with my personal classmates and teacher. My spouse and i never forget that we get been traveled the Center Island, Large park and a beach front in previous summer. I actually am a active student in class, as an example, I enjoy speech and have accomplished a perfect conversation once. It can be concluded from the introduction, I am a outgoing and active young lady, I want making new friends with everyone. Different people have different hobbies. To me, I like skates, reading and a variety of foodstuff. I love the summer because it's so dazzling and content. During the summer time, I can do it much and wear so little like gonna beaches and get bronzed or perform beach football. To be honest, the most crucial reason is definitely School's completed, there's no class. One great holiday break, I enjoy spending a lot of time handing out with my friends, having fun collectively and ingesting a ice-cream! My favorite sport is ice skating. When I was skated, I enjoy listening the birds vocal and the leaves flapping inside the wind helped me gald, to ensure that I have a skating club in my school. With regards to some things We don't like, Need to say mushroom and winter season. I love a variety of food anticipate mushroom. Thankfully, mushroom may be the only foodstuff that I extremely hate, yet , I enjoy a number of food such as Vietnamese japanese and korean language food. I don't like wintertime because winter in Toronto is so cold for me. Searching the home window and see swirling snowflakes maybe is very wonderful view, however , it's and so cold that...



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