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Ouija Boards

PRACTICAL: To inform

SPECIIFIC PURPOSE: My audience will certainly understand the background, use of, plus the effects of Ouija boards. THESIS STATEMENT: When i give my own speech, my audience will certainly thoroughly understand the history, how to use, and the effects after applying an Ouija board.

FOCUS GETTER We. Have you at any time wondered what are the results when you expire? A. Truly does our soul live on following we die?

B. Glen Crosten explained, " Various people wish they may say some thing they under no circumstances got the chance to, to somebody who has passed. ” (Crosten, 2012) CONNECTII. Ouija boards can connect to my own audience because they could possibly be a way for you to contact somebody who is no longer living. PREVIEWIII. I will discuss three main subject areas relating to Ouija boards. A. I will speak on the origin of the Ouija board.

B. I will educate my audience about how to work with an Ouija board. C. I will talk about the effects a person encounters after applying an Ouija board. Changeover: Now that I use previewed you on my 3 main points, I would really like to start with the of the Ouija board. PHYSIQUE

POINTI. The Ouija board was uncovered and mentioned long before we were born. A. One of the first says of the Ouija board is at China around 1100 A. D. 1 ) The China called all their early type of the Ouija board a fuji, meaning, planchette composing. 2 . They claimed that to be a means of contacting the dead and spirit community

B. Back in the 19th hundred years Elijah Relationship released the board being a harmless parlor game, and then later branded the idea and name. 1 . Shortly after Elijah released, a WW1 spiritualist said it was used being a divining device. 2 . Most religious criticisms come from Christians, primarily evangelicals, which morphed the idea of them to the world. Changeover: Although Ouija boards started a long time ago, they can be still well-liked. POINTII. There is absolutely no one certain way to utilize a Ouija plank, but there are a few specific rules to be adopted A. First, an Ouija board is known as a...

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