Electrophilic Aromatic Iodination of Vanillin

 Electrophilic Perfumed Iodination of Vanillin Dissertation

Electrophilic Perfumed Iodination of Vanillin


The purpose of this kind of laboratory experiment is for a great aromatic chemical substance to undergo an electrophilic alternative reaction. To transport this away, our approach combines salt iodide and common lighten as the oxidizing agent in aqueous alcohol since the solvent.

Balanced Substance Equations:

Physical Properties:

Brand of ChemicalChemical StructureMolar Mass (g/mol)BP/MP (ВєC)Density (g/mL)Mass/Vol. UsedPurpose 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyeC8H8O3152. 1494MP=81-83, BP=285NA0. 1gSolute EthanolCH3CH2OH46. 0688MP=-114. 1, BP=78. 30. 7892. 0mLSolvent Salt IodideNaI149. 8943MP=661, BP=13003. 6670. 117gCatalyst BleachNaOCl74. 4422MP=NA, BP=40dec1. 2091. 1mLOxidizing Agent Salt ThiosulfateNa2O3S2158. 0977NA1. 6671. 0mLExtraction Hydrochloric AcidHCl36. 4609MP=-114. two, BP=-85. 10. 9090. 6mLAcid Agent Restricting Reagent and Theoretical Deliver:

(0. 1g Vanillin/152g/mol) sama dengan 6. 58 x 10^-4 mol Vanillin пѓЁ Limiting Reagent

(0. 117g NaI/150g/mol) = 7. 8 by 10^-4 mol NaI

Assumptive Yield:

(6. 58 back button 10^-4 mol Vanillin/1)(279g/mol) пѓЁ 0. 18g product


In an Erlenmeyer flask (or beaker), reduce ~ zero. 1 g of 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde in 2 . 0 mL of ethanol. Cool the flask within an ice bath for a few minutes. To the ice-cold solution, add 0. 117 g of sodium iodide. Over a period of a couple of minutes, add 1 . 1 milliliters of Bleach (5. 25% w/w NaOCl) dropwise to the cooled flask. The solution ought to turn a yellow color. Once the addition is finish, let the remedy warm to room temperatures and stir for about 5 minutes.

Blend the solution softly, and then add ~ 1 mL of sodium thiosulfate (10% w/w). The solution will turn a cloudy, grayish yellow. Hydrogenate the solution with 3. two M HCl, using pH paper to evaluate the acidity of the remedy (it will need approximately 0. 6 cubic centimeters of added HCl). Gently evaporate any excess ethanol. (Apply gentle high temperature only if necessary). Cool in an ice bathroom for about...



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