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 BLCS Research Essay

Chris Wang

Ms. Pollock

World Books 3rd Hour

11 November 2013

The Changes Traditional western Literature and a Girl Would bring

The Oriental Culture Innovation in the mid-1960s sent an incredible number of city teens, especially the kids of the intellectuals, down to rural area to get " re-education” to teach all of them the value of like a peasant. In the novel Balzac and the Small Chinese Seamstress, Dai Sijie describes the life and adjustments the Cultural Revolution taken to the narrator and Luo, who were directed down to the country because of their background. However , instead of being " re-educated” by hard labor on the farms, the narrator is informed and transformed by the western literature as well as the Little Seamstress.

Western Literature that was discovered for Four-Eyes' residence is a key factor in changing the narrator. At the beginning of the novel, the narrator and Luo find that Four-Eyes have been hiding traditional western literatures in the secret suitcase. After attempting all sorts of methods from assisting him out with the labor work to getting folk songs for him, the narrator and Luo finally have a book by simply Balzac, a French author, by Four-Eyes. The first time the narrator reads the book, this individual describes him self as: " a boy of nineteen, still slumbering in the limo of adolescence, having observed nothing but innovative blather about patriotism, the reds, ideology and propaganda every his lifestyle, falling headlong into a history of waking up desire, passion, impulsive actions, love” (57). The narrator grows up under the concept and philosophy of communism, the western literatures that illustrate desire, passion, and appreciate overwhelm him with the sort of knowledge that he has never touched on ahead of. The knowing of such feelings' living puts the narrator in absolute amazement. These are the exact things that communism straight rejects, for that reason hidden through the narrator. When this is offered in front of the narrator, it converts his look at to the world and changes the way this individual look at issues in life. Afterwards...

Cited: Dai Sijie. Balzac and the Small Chinese Seamstress. Trans. Ina Rilke. Ny: Anchor Literature,

2002. Printing.

Proofread simply by Sean Anderson



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