A Feminist's View

 A Feminist’s View Dissertation

Ashley Dashiell

Professor Kym Kennedy

British 104

doze October 2011

A Feminist's View

A feminist critique is a technique for literature that seeks to improve or health supplement what may be regarded as a predominantly male-dominated critical point of view with a feminist consciousness (Meyer 1658). The excerpt coming from A Secret Sorrow and " A Sorrowful Woman” are great from a feminist point of view. These two stories happen to be about relationship and family members, but their parts of view are different. How would a feminist critic view the characters determination to want a family group or willingness to be segregated from her family? How would a feminist vit analyze the timeframe of the two stories? What would a feminist critic say about the male prospects? You are about to find out!

The main female character in " A Sorrowful Woman” had a friends and family. She a new husband and a child whom loved her, yet your woman wanted zero part of this. She was depressed and angry. " The eyesight of them produced her so sad and sick she did not need them ever before again” (Meyer 39). A feminist critic might declare a woman should be more than just a wife and mother. Ladies want to be educated and operate outside of the property. A mother/wife needs to do more than just household chores and day care, they need different duties. That they want/need to feel essential. Not all girls feel this way though, a lot of women's existence goals in order to marry and still have children just like Faye in A Secret Misery, woe, anguish. Faye so badly wants to have got children but is unable. Faye is a belief of how females are recognized. In Faye eyes and others' females are born to marry and have kids. Faye seems that the reality she won't be able to have kids makes her less of any woman. " You would not want myself any more. ” " I am just afraid… scared to marry you” (Meyer 32-33). Faye believes that because your woman can't possess children, after that she should not marry possibly because she'd be permitting her husband to be down. Once Faye understands that you can possess children and a family different ways she is once again content with...



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